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Why invest in property?

With so many investment opportunities out there, why should you choose a property investment?

Generate income

Many investors choose property for capital growth. They buy a home or parcel of land with the intention of selling it later on when the market is in favour. Alternatively, you might choose to rent out your property while you wait for the market to rise, so it’s generating income and cash flow.

Tax deduction subsidies

There are several tax deductions you may be eligible for from your investment property when tax time rolls around. The interest on your loan, council rates, water charges, land tax and even maintenance can all be claimed within the financial year. Find the full list on the ATO website.

It is simpler

Unlike other investments (such as the stock market), investing in real estate doesn’t require a considerable amount of specialised knowledge. This is especially true when you choose to engage with us as we work with you to achieve your investment goals, answering any questions you may have

Investing in tangible assets

Investing a large sum of money in something you can actually see and touch helps ease any anxiety you might have when investing.

A few reasons to invest in a new build

Peace of mind
Your property and the new appliances will likely be under a warranty.
Rental returns
You should achieve higher rental returns, enjoy lower vacancy rates and attract better tenants.